Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How 131 Became The New 122

I’ve never really struggled with my weight. Stop hating, please. You know, hate makes you store fat. Really. That’s not to say I haven’t had my fat periods and my lean periods, but all in all I don’t really struggle. I consider 115# to be my ideal weight - and no, I haven’t seen it since I got horribly ill a decade ago.  (Oh, but how glorious it was!) 118# is what I refer to as my fighting weight – it’s were I feel I get optimal performance from my body. 122# is my natural weight. It’s just where my body wants to be. And it’s an OK weight for me. Not MILF weight, but an OK weight.

While I say I’ve never struggled with my weight, I do work to maintain it. I eat pretty well – lots of fresh foods cooked at home and absolutely no fast food. I'm a gym rat – nothing like a good sweat to start the day. And I’m not a huge fan of sitting still.  Oh, and I have that nervous leg thing.  You know, bounce-bounce-bounce with the knee.  Drives The Man crazy - and not it a good way.  I keep telling him he should pick up the habit.  It burns a lot of calories.

So with all these things I do to manage my weight, tell me how? HOW did 131# become the new 122#?! Here’s how:

4 oz. Chardonnay = 90 calories
3 oz. 1% Milk = 40 calories
3 Oreo Cookies = 160 calories

Every day. Yep. Every day. And yep, there were supposed to be three Oreos in that picture up there. Guess what happened to the missing cookie. Yep. Ate it before I could get the picture snapped.

So. Can you guess what my goal is for this week’s Shape Up with Aly? Yep. I’m gonna skip the Chardonnay.

OK, I’m going to try to skip the milk & cookies too.

As for last week’s goals…I did OK. I definitely did better on my water consumption, although there’s still room for improvement. I managed to up my sleep average from 5 hours a night to around 6 ½. I’m shooting for 7 hours a night this week. I failed miserably on remembering to take my vitamins. Anybody know where I can get some Oreo-flavored chewable vitamins?

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w said...

you're skipping out on your chardonnay, milk, and cookies? man.

maybe i should skip out on my slim jims, slim jims, and slim jims.

Alyssa S. said...

You could just skip the milk and dip the Oreos in the Chardonnay :) The last time I saw 115 I was 12 and I played soccer! If I can get back to 135, I'll be golden. 125 is my "OMG, you're SO thin" weight. Maybe I'll see that someday too. With my build, 115 would make me look like I was starving!

Vanessa said...

Chocolate chip cookies are the death of me, because like ONE of them = 160 calories!!! It's horrible. If I eat one, that's my entire lunch. Sometimes. But I dip them in skim milk, so that's something, right?

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

I think Ally has it right dip the cookies in the Chardonnay :)

I guess I am going to have to cut out the wine too!

Back to the gym next week for me, being on the road eating out all the time was exhausting but fun :)

Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

P.S. forgot to take your "once Bitten" with me on the trip and was I glad to get home and place it on those pesky bites, thanks :)

Maude Lynn said...

But, Oreos are good for the soul!