Friday, June 18, 2010

Well Isn't That Nice :: The Stinky Falafel Moms (or The Book Store Bullies)

To tell the truth, I wasn’t going to do one of these posts today. I’ve been feeling a little… I dunno, nice lately. And nobody’s playing along with me anyway, and let’s face it, playing with yourself playing by yourself is overrated.

But then I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon.

As soon as we got there, my kids pulled down a bunch of books and raced over to an open bench in the reading area. My kids like to fight over me – especially in the afternoon. I don’t understand this because I’m pretty cranky – especially in the afternoon. Yesterday was no exception. Ladybug wanted me to read her some inane Barbie book, then Buddy Boy insisted I read Alvin & the Chipmunks Sqeakquelle (and I’m not even going to bother spellchecking that word). Why, oh WHY have I spent so much money on quality children’s literature when THIS is what they want?! Ugh!

Anyway, so there I sit with a stack of mind-numbing drivel when up walk a couple of moms & a bunch of boys. The moms immediately park themselves on the floor right next to our bench. Seriously, one of the moms was even leaning on our bench. And when Buddy Boy got up to get another book, she actually took his spot on our bench! You know the benches I’m talking about, right? The kiddo benches that are just barely big enough for one adult bottom and one child bottom? So that was a little obnoxious. There were other benches available, but I guess they wanted ours. Well, the boys were running and screaming pulling all the paperback books out of the kiosk adjacent to our bench. Then, up walk a few more kids – pre-teen girls all excited about something. So, two moms, seven out of control kids - all shoved into the six foot space between our bench and the wall. Comfy cozy. I was reading at the top of my lungs and my kiddos still couldn’t hear me. It was bad. And I was getting…well, even crankier usual. And then the moms proceeded to pull out snacks. SNACKS! In the bookstore! And not just any snacks. Oh no. A big bag of stinky, fried, greasy falafel!!

So we moved. And they commandeered our space. And Mick Jaeger was wrong when he said “you can’t always get what you want”. Apparently he never got bullied by a mom with a bag of stinky falafel.

Well…you win, Stinky Falafel Moms. This one’s for you:

Well isn't that nice!

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Sara said...

Shut up. 1st- who eats falafel?? 2nd- who packs it as a snack, esp. to somewhere that is a place of business? 3rd- were they getting falafel grease on the books? Because there's nothing worse than THAT. I understand there's more to this story than the falafel, but that is what I got stuck on.

cathyjoy said...


Vanessa said...

Gross! They definitely deserved at least a good 'HOW RUDE!' Or I've been watching Full House with the 6-year-old too much...