Sunday, June 6, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest

Today was momentous day in our house.

Ladybug's been bugging me for a while now to cut her hair. She seems to be under the impression that if she cuts it, it will be short and straight and brown...just like her friend Audrey's. Last month I took her to my hairdresser, Michael -- so he could do the dirty work of explaining it to her. He looked deep into her brown eyes and explained, "Sweetie, I will never cut your hair. NEVER!" So, I was left with the task of explaining to her that she will never, not EVER be able to wear a Bob. That her hair will always be curly, and cutting it will only make it curlier. That some day, she will realize that her hair is actually a lethal weapon, and that it will get her darn near anything she wants - providing she learns how to use it, of course. Which she will, of course. Which, actually, she has already learned to a certain extent.

But then it happened. Last Monday to be exact. The tangle that couldn't be combed out. The snarl that had to be cut out. It was an unfortunate one - relatively high on the head, in the front, near her face. *snip-snip* A rogue ringlet. A lock that will no longer reach into a pony tail. *Sigh*

Poor girlie. She's so strong-willed. So full of fight. Really. She'll fight you just for the sport of it. But the one thing she lets me do is comb her hair -- even though it's horribly painful and it takes forever. She puts up with it, bless her little Texan heart. But with those fabulous locks reaching nearly to her fanny, the time had come. So...

...out came the scissors.

I cringed as I made the first cut. (Really...I felt a little sick at the sound of those first snips.)

And then, there they were...the locks I couldn't put back on. The point of no return. My intention was to take off about an inch or so -- you know, just to clean it up a bit. In the end, about 4" came off!

Poor little Ladybug. After all was said and done, she wasn't quite sure.

But I think it will be a much more manageable and attractive length for her.

After a while, she seemed convinced that things were going to be OK.


Anonymous said...

I haven't cut my babe's hair yet. Diggin the red curls!

Vanessa said...

She's going to look precious no matter what! My big girl has that straight brown hair, and we let it grow until she told me, "It touches the potty when I go to the bathroom!" :-D And since then she and I have pretty much had matching hair -- her idea! :-D