Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Happiness Project :: Sshhhhh...

...everybody's sleeping.  Except me of course, but that's by choice.  Everybody else in my house is still sawing logs.  Usually we'd all be up and screaming at each other by now.  You know, the hectic morning drill.  But not this week.  That's because my kiddos get the whole week of Thanksgiving off.  Which means no morning madness for us this week.  That makes me very VERY happy.

What about you?  Share your happiness over at Leigh vs. Laundry.  And have a very happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Happiness Project :: Insomnia

Hey, sometimes insomnia comes in handy...like last night when I realized, after staring at the ceiling fan above my bed for about 45 minutes, that I'd completely forgotten the Tooth Fairy's scheduled appointment with the little guy sleeping in the room directly above that ceiling fan.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet there!

Oh, and now that it's the morning after, I'm also happy for this stuff.  The little bottle doesn't lie, people.

And you?  What are you happy for?  Join the fun over at Leigh vs. Laundry, wont you? 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Happiness Project :: The End of Soccer Season

It's Tuesday!  And not just any Tuesday.  It's the 1st Tuesday in...well...in a long time that we don't have any soccer practices.  Tuesdays have been my day from hell ever since school started.  The whole day was consumed with shuttling one kid here the other kid there.  Then back to get the kid from here to there and then off to get the other kid from there to here.  Ugh!  It's been brutal.  I never did figure out when to squeeze dinner in.  We all just kind of went hungry on Tuesdays.  And now it's OVER!  At least until Basketball season starts.

What's making you happy today?  Join The Happiness Project over at Leigh vs. Laundry and tell us all about it.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Happiness Project :: Nobody

That's right.  Nobody's making me happy today.  And I have no picture to prove it.

What, you say!  Has she lost her mind?!  This is The Happiness Project.  You can't just post that nothing's making you happy today.  Just don't put up a post at all if that's the way you feel about things.

Oh, relax people!  Don't misunderstand.  I'm happy.  Very happy, actually.  Because I have nobody today.  Nobody in my house, that is.  No work-at-home husband dirtying dishes faster then I can get them washed.  No kiddos hey-mommy'ing me to death.  NOoobody.  And I'm ecstatic about it!

Oh, alright.  Since this really is a picture project, I'll post a picture of something else that's making me happy:

I'm really happy that this it the last one of these in my house.  I made 8 dozen Halloween-shaped sugar cookies last week and this is the very last one.  It's been expertly decorated by my Ladybug.  There's about 1/4" of icing under all those sprinkles.  And I'm gonna eat it.  Right now.  To get it out of my sight.  I'm sure I'll live to regret my decision, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

And what's making you happy today?  Pop on over to Leigh vs. Laundry and tell us all about it, why don't ya.