Friday, May 21, 2010

Well Isn't That Nice (It starts with an F, and it's Friday, but it ain't 'Follow Friday' - but you can play along)

Buddy Boy goes to two different schools for pre-k. (A long boring story that I promise not to share with you.) T/TH he’s at the Happiest Place on Earth – Infinite Bounds. M/W/F he goes to The Other School – which will remain nameless. I’m not a big fan of The Other School. Buddy Boy loves it, but I don’t find it a very warm and welcoming place. We’ve been going there for a whole school year now, and out of the 9 kids in Buddy Boy’s class, only 2 of the Other Mothers actually speak to me. Until Monday.

It was Texas-hot outside, so of course, the kiddos insisted that I pick them up in the convertible. By the time I got to The Other School to retrieve Buddy Boy…well…I was swimming in sweat. Oh yeah, we’re talking sweat marks on my backside. I walked into school, a little embarrassed – but not too much. You know, on account of the fact that nobody there talks to me. Well, here’s what transpired:

Other Mother (who has not so much as smiled in my direction in the last 9 months), “Hi! How are you?”

Me (quickly glancing over my shoulder to verify that Other Mothers is indeed addressing me), “Whew! Hot!”

Other Mother (before I even get a chance to recover from the shock of being spoken to), “I’m Fine. (pause for effect) Thanks for asking.”

*blink* *blink*

~* Language Alert *~

You know, shortly after moving to Texas for the 1st time, one of my new friends asked me if I knew how a Texan Lady says “Fuck You”. The answer? ”Well isn’t that nice.” Said with a charming smile, of course.

Well Other Mother…this is for you:

So, is there someone you’d like to send a flower to today? Or maybe you'd just like to flip someone the bird. Well, now you can do both! I'll be celebrating brazen acts of passive aggression right here for the next few Fridays – or maybe longer. We’ll see.
Well isn't that nice!

G’head. Grab it! You know you want to.  So do it!  And don't forget to leave your link.


Unknown said...

I like this...this could be fun!

Vanessa said...

Geeeez!! Who peed in her Wheaties? Did she not expect you to answer or something? *sigh* Do you have to return to that school next year?

Sara said...

I LOVE this!!! There is NOTHING better than passive- aggresive anonymous venting via my blog that no one reads!! Awesome.

Also, that mother is crazy. I do not look forward to dealing with other stupid parents once I have kids.

Alyssa S. said...

O...M...G. You do realize this is why I love you so much :) Not only because you are the most awesomest Mom I know, but because you are living a nearly identical Texas existence as me...only a few hours north. I wish I had your little button last Thursday. We had our first trip to gymnastics and while I sent Amelia off to do her class on her own, I did a "mom and me" class with Merrick. I had no idea only one kid at a time was allowed on the trampoline and when Merrick rushed up on to one of the trampolines, the mom sitting on the side with her kid said loudly "I guess you have to get off since someone doesn't know how to take turns". I mean hell, it was his first time...he was excited...I WAS trying to pull him back so he would have to wait his turn. UGH

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I mean, well isn't that nice. lol

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh I think you have completely out done yourself this time. I can't stop laughing.:)

Truthfully, I might just take that image and put it on the privacy screen I have to create because our stupid neighbours chopped all the F...... trees down along the property line :(

You totally have made my day :)

Happy Weekend, T. :)

cathyjoy said...

OMG! you are so right...i f-"well isn't that nice" LOVE this!!! gotta go paste it on!!

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha!! I love that you turned something so mean into something so funny. You're darling!

30-Something Rebel said...

Love it! I have a "Well isn't that nice" moment almost daily. Now I know where to post my thoughts & give 'em a 'flower'. Thanks for the laughs!