Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming Through In The End (my Things Bug Me giveaway)

So, anyone wondering what ever became of my giveaway? You know, the one where you got to tell me what was bugging you? Yeah, well, I got busy and lost track of time. Get over it, already. I haven’t and I’ve been using it as an excuse to beat myself to a bloody pulp daily for the last couple of weeks. I have. I’m totally over it.

It’s my bad, really…for setting up a giveaway that was just to elaborate to carry through. That’s pretty much the story of my life. But in the end, I usually come through. And to make up for the facts that I didn’t do the whole people’s choice thing, and that I’m so late with announcing the winners and all, and that my random number generated insisted on spitting out 4 winners…well, I’ve added a 3rd runner up.

What’s up with the random number generator?! Well…you know me, I’ve just gotta be complicated elaborate super-mommy different about it:

First I numbered all the entries...

Then I loaded them all into the random number generator...

I flipped the switch...

And it spit out four winners.

See?  Four!

So. There you have it.

1 prize goes to:
Christina Silverio who was really beating herself up for not being able to keep up with the house work. I get it, sistah. I really do.

2nd prize goes to:
ByHandGiveaways who was beating herself up about not feeling good enough for her boyfriend’s family. To which I say, Honey, you only need to feel good enough for yourself. Do what I did – marry the guy and then move thousands of miles away from his family. Let ‘em know who has the power, girl!

3rd prize goes to:
Jakell who really needed to beat her X up who was having a crappy week with ex-husband problems and unemployment problems and sidewalk chalk problems.

And the Bonus prize goes to:
Linda Kish who was not having fun taking care of her daughter-in-laws pets.

There you have it. The results. I’ll try not to be so delinquent next time. I might succeed, I might not. But I promise I’ll come through in the end. Really.

Oh, and don't forget to join the Well Isn't That Nice fun tomorrow.


w said...

1. congrats to the winners.
2. it's a shame i wasn't one.

dude. you're so fancy with your random number generator. we have the same game. but not the same brain. because i could never come up with something so genius.

Vanessa said...

I *love* your random number generator!!!

Christina Silverio said...

Hahaha! I love it!
Thank you so so much!

Anonymous said...

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