Friday, April 16, 2010

Things Bug Me (So I'm giving some things away)

Ugh! Sometimes things just bug me! Like today. It’s what I call in inconvenient day. I know you know what I’m talking about…the kind of day where it’s just one inconvenience after another, after another.

The Man usually takes Buddy Boy to school on Fridays so I can be at the gym by 8:00. There’s an 8:30 yoga class that I love, and I like to get a good beating in on the treadmill before I get my chill on. Well, Mr. Man had an early flight this morning. No biggie. Buddy Boy can be a little late to school – it’s just Pre K. It’s not like the State’s gonna come after me for truancy or anything. So the day could have been fine, but nooo....

What do you mean the Kids’ Klub girl is running late?! This is cutting into my cardio time!

No! No! No! Not the gym-hoochy! Please, take your Juicy sweat suit, Coach tennies and all that perfume your wearing to the other side of the gym. PLEASE! Keep walking…keep walking…stop stopping! NO! Don’t stop. Not here! C’mon! There are 12 open treadmills over there! Arrrrrgh!

Oh tell me no! That’s not the Group Exercise Coordinator walking into the yoga studio, is it? You’re a rockin’ kick-box instructor, honey, but you can’t teach yoga for $#!+. Oh yeah, it’s definitely one of those days. Oh wait! She’s going into the spin studio. Oh, and there’s my little yogi. Whew!

Alright! Sweat’s on. Mat’s down. I’m ready to breath. Thumpa-thumpa-thumpa…! Seriously? Group Exercise Coordinator’s got to have the music that loud? She’s in the spin studio all by herself!

And so it goes. The inconvenient day. It will continue to be inconvenient. There will be traffic jams, and wardrobe malfunctions. The phone will ring while I’m running out the door to the Vet’s this afternoon, which will mean I’ll be running too late to stop for gas, which means I’ll have to fill up on my way to get the kiddos, which means I’ll have to find some way to duck chatty mom or we’ll be late for the Pediatrician, which means…(blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)

Oh yeah. The whole day’s gonna bug me. No doubt about it. But I’m going to have some fun with it. Let’s play a little game, shall we? Tell me what’s bugging you today. That’s right…whine and complain until your heart’s content. You can tell me in a comment, you can rant about it on your own blog (but you’ve gotta link to this post and leave me a comment about what you’ve done so I know you’ve done it). Comments will close at midnight (CST) on the 29th. On the 30th, I’ll announce the 6 complainers who made the finals. 4 will be chosen in some random fashion, 2 will be my personal favorites. Then we’ll have a vote. Voting will close at midnight on the 13th. I’ll announce the results on the 14th.
The winner will receive this & this:

The 1st runner up will receive this.

The 2nd runner up will receive this.

And everybody else who left a comment will receive a coupon code for 20% these products in my shop. At least that way, the bugs wont be bugging us.

Oh yeah, and it's Follow Friday. Come play along.
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Alyssa S. said...

Bummer, I wish you wrote this back on Tuesday because you KNOW you would have gotten an earful of whining from me :) Today, the only thing bugging me is that the vet called and wants to run what I know will be a few hundred dollars worth of tests on my Goldie. That's not taking into account the few hundred I've ALREADY paid up to this point on the tests they've already done. Wow, see, I can always find something to whine about!

Well here's to hoping Friday gets better for ya!!

Unknown said...

I'm totally jealous you get to go to yoga at all! My kiddo is at the just-started-walking age and gets knocked over at Kids Klub, so I've got to wait it out just a bit longer. So...there's always the jogging stroller, right? Except the dog always wants to join us but then my cardio is interrupted by poop scooping (at best) and random complete stops (at worst). The doggie is cute, but he's no running partner.

Robin @ Blommi said...

I am annoyed with PR reps who pitch me, then never answer my reply.

Erica said...

hmmm... I have to say I am feeling good, but that is probably the antidepressents talking, There are several things that COULD be VERY annoying today.

I have to drive to tucson.Well, I don't have to actually DRIVE (which is good because I hate driving) but I have to sit in a car for a long time and try to stay awake so I don't piss off my car mates for being BORING. I also forgot to get my perscription filled (see above, anti-depressants) so I had to scramble to get that done before work so I didn't start spontaniously crying at work. I bike to work so It meant I had to leave really early to go to work because when you are on a bike it takes longer to get places. Or does it? I'm not convinced. It seems like weather I am biking or driving I spend more time waiting at traffic signals than I spend actually commuting. Why cant cars just run into eachother all day long? Lol. stupid stop lights. After I got my perscription filled I took my pill which is good becuase as I mentioned, I'm in a GREAT mood, but it is supposed to be taken with food and I had already eaten by the time I left for work, so I have a massive stomach ache. Work is also REALLY SLOW TODAY. I always feel guilty when work is slow because I spend a lot of time reading blogs and writing comments. Oh yeah, and the wind today was AWFUL. When you are biking and towing a trailer with an overweight baby in it (like 35lb 16 mo) a strong opposing wind is worse than going uphill... sadly my trip to work is ALREADY uphill so it was hell.

But, Happy friday, awesome givaway.

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! Stopping by from the Friday follow!

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Hi there. I found your blog through Friday Follow. If you would be interested in following my blog, I would gladly return the favor.

lilDdownunder said...

I'm annoyed that the day I got engaged my fiance flew back to Australia and rather than joining him two days later, I am still waiting for my visa to be granted nearly 2 months, 1 medical test, and $2100 later!
dlogston at gmail dot com

Carapace said...

Ah yes, the trauma of stacking inconveniences. My husband and I call it being Darned to Heck.
Like, say... going to wash the dishes, and a pan full of soapy greasy water flips over and spills alllll over the clothes you just put on, *as you are reaching for your apron*, so now everything is soaked, and filthy, so it's in to the hot shower where it turns out the soap has fallen into the tub and dissolved, coating everything with a fine layer of Neckbreaker, and coming out of the shower to discover that the only clean towels are meant for drying faces, and after using every available towel, going into the bedroom to grab new clothes only to have the entire hanger bar, bearing all the weight of all the clean shirts in the house, which never bothered it before but HEY WHY NOT it now comes right off the walls and dumps all the shirts on you and the floor and everything, and the dishes STILL ARE NOT DONE.

I don't know why I kept typing "you" there, I meant "me". For lo, today I was Darned to Heck, and a pile of clothes and dishes still remaining bear mute testimony to my defeat.

Argh, sister. Sympathy argh.


Anonymous said...

What's bugging me today- I just woke up and the sun isn't shining. I stubbed my toe on the bathroom door. Great start to a morning, huh!
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

BEadECLECTIC said...

I'm annoyed that my dog has started taking things off the coffee table. He actually stole a bag of catnip that I had given to my boyfriend to bring home, and wouldn't let it out of his jaw.

I cam home from work the other day, after a REALLY bad day, and was excited to see him. That is, until, I saw he had ripped up tissue and left it all over the floor. I just looked at him and said "bad dog".... and then he peed on the chair a little bit. Ugh. Why does he have to act out like this!?!? It isn't an everyday thing, but the LAST thing I want to do when I need some time to feel sorry for myself is clean up my dog's pee.

Linda Kish said...

What bugs me is having to tend to my son and DIL's pets even when they are home.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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very married said...


Okay. so, today has been a pretty great day for me. I ran my first 5K and now am relaxing in my apt with my dog. BUT between these two great things, I had to hop on the subway. As the train was making the stop, this loud-mouthed lady was like, "Excuse me." I looked down and my arm was between her and the door BUT the train hadn't stopped yet so inertia was keeping me from removing my hand - if i had removed it, i would have gone face first into the pole i was holding. Then the lady was like, "EXCUSE ME" and it wasn't in that, "oh, i would like to be excused because I'm about to inconvenience you" way. It was "excuse me" in a, "Get the $&#@ out of my way, $@()*%!" way. I was not taking any of that so I turned to her and said, "Just wait a second!"

there's not much more to that story except, that lady bugged me!

Anna said...

The bees that are building their hive right outside my front door---..stresses me to the max!

anna.b.hale @

Danelle (Indie Game Lover) said...

I have been crying because I dont feel good enough for my Bfs family and that has been bugging me today

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com
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Lisa said...

Things that have annoyed me just in one day-
Parents: Why do they need to know where you are and what you are doing every hour of the day? Does how I put my food in the refrigerator really matter that much to you?
Not having a car: Call me lazy, but walking long distances sucks. Taking the bus can suck. Asking for rides too often just sucks.
Humidity: Known to be not good in general for your hair, but also your skin, especially when you have to walk to places far away.
Broken Umbrella: Not useful to have with you when you're walking far places in humid weather.
Library hours: After walking to a nearby library and discovering that it was recently knocked down for improvement and expansion, I head to another one, only to find that it was closed for the day. The only day of the week when it closes all day. I am NOT walking to the third nearest library.
People without manners: Manners = civility. Respect is earned. Civility is expected. Meaning, you don't have to hold the door open, but please don't talk and chew at the same time.
Members of the opposite sex: Words cannot express how infuriating they can be. I just can't- words fail me.
Practice Exams: Nothing makes you feel stupider faster.
Pencils without erasers: This needs no explanation.
Of course, on this most auspicious of days, nothing is good on TV when I actually have time to watch.
Other things I just thought of that currently suck and therefore annoy me: the economy, the job market, the general future of our planet and the upcoming generation, and today's music.

brandon and jakell said...

hmmm.. are you sure you want to ask whats bugging us??? LOL

well you it is! Today what BUGS me are call centers, selling a home with todays economy and ex spouses!!!! Great combo huh...NOT, no not really!

Well to start off my ex filed my kids on his taxes which he is not suppose to, therefor I am out a few thousand when he is already over $3,000 behind on Child support and refuses to pay when I file back on Feb 8th we discover a few days later it gets rejected! GRRRRR we have been unemployed since my husbands lay off Feb 2009 and have been frantically searching for jobs since then to support our 5 kids and get by. Had to move in with parents and are losing our home to foreclosure and have been so close to about 5 short sales and they just keep falling the most recent..and said to be our last chance fell through! UGH!!! but had a back-up offer we are pleading with the bank to take! sooo anyway yada yada...

The ex files taxes claims the children and screws me yet its been EIGHT weeks and every time we talk to anyone at the IRS call center they have something different to say about our status. 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and it keeps getting longer, then we find out today they don't even have it in the system that says they received it! After being told they had..what!!?!?! so I search for the certified mail receipt and call..yes its been there since March 19th! So we call IRS AGAIN and still know nothing then said we sent it to the wrong location, so I am now frustrated with the tax I call some other numbers with IRS and keep getting on hold over & over & transferred and they all refuse to let us talk to a manager or supervisor and hang up on us...and at this time we are still being nice realizing its not them, but now we are getting bugged! So I finally get a hold of someone else after a few hours who says yes we sent it to the correct address entered my info, pulls it up and 2 seconds later its confirmed they have them, they are behind and she fixed an error that was entered in the system and its processing and will have it in 10 days or less... WOW was it really THAT easy! And after all the crap from the call centers and etc..

ya, so I am bugged!
Thanks I needed to vent! :)

now hopefully we can get moved next week and have money to do it like we have planned on because my husband got a job offer over the weekend Whoot whoot!!!

oh ya another thing thats BUGGING me today..dumb teenagers that write with sidewalk chalk all over the sidewalks of our complex obscenities and sexual crap for our little ones to see!! AHHHHH

he he..have a fabulous day!!!

jakellcth @ msn. com

Krista said...

What really bugz me is that it is nice weather today and we are getting snow tomorrow. I want nice weather! Smile a day sent me and I want some of this stuff. My kids are allergic to many things. We are always trying new things to keep the mosquitos away when we are camping.

Christina Silverio said...

What's bugging me? Well, it may sound silly but I am so frustrated at MYSELF! Why can't I keep this house clean? Why have I let the clutter pile up? And why is my art space so stinkin' TINY???

Surge said...

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Huguette En said...

What's bugging me? I need to lose weight, I need to exercise, I need to find time to exercise! I've got make breakfast or my family won't eat. I've got to make their lunch or they won't eat lunch, including hubby, sometimes I think he's a little boy! I gotta pick up their dirty clothes and wash them, otherwise they'll whine they have nothing to wear, God forbid they touch the washer themselves. I cleaned my kids's room yesterday, wow what a mess, how can they accumulate so much mess in one day! The dog ripped up the newspaper and it's scattered everywhere, oh great one more to clean up behind, wasn't three enough. Cat is meowing she wants food, now! Wow, won't anyone let me have some TIME, gotta go to work before I'm late, bye! Had enough? Thanks for letting me complain :)

w said...

nothing's bugging me. which pretty much bring up the matter of the giveaway. because something's gotta be bugging me for me to write about it to win.

so. i guess. what's bugging me is that nothing's bugging me.

do i win now?

Tylerpants said...

I'm annoyed that some sort of animal is digging holes in my yard the size of golf balls. Do I have gophers? squirrels? Who the heck knows..It also bugs me that someone is also stealing bulbs & seeds that I put in my pots. I know I have a "black thumb" but at least I'm trying to plant something!


trixx said...

Where do I even start? I have a crapload of work to do today. I have headphones on to zone out noise. I have my "busy" status on the work IM. Yet people continue to IM me. People continue to stop by and ask me random questions. Hello, do you not notice that I am BUSY?! Leave me alone. Write me an email and I will get back to you. So annoying. peanut[at]

Anonymous said...

People who leave a Follow Friday comment, but who obviously haven't read your blog.

Ladytink_534 said...

What's bugging me today is that my mother is flying down for her first visit to my house tomorrow and it won't stop raining so I can't clean out my flower beds. They haven't been done at all this year and I have thorns growing!


Heather said...

Whats eating me today is that my husbnd is just tooling away in his shed while I am once again left to do EVERYTHING else in the house and deal with the kids, etc....Don't men get that women need "alone" time too ?