Friday, June 5, 2009

What's in a Name?

Teddy Started It. I get a lot of comments about the name of my business. Well, here it is...the answer. Meet the original "Teddy". The little fellow who started it all. Only 9 weeks old and already an inspiration. Doesn't take much when you're pregnant, does it? I think you can see how he got his nickname -- and where I got my avitar. I've had a soft-spot for Teddy Grahams ever since.
So for all you shop keepers out there...what's your story? How'd you find your name?


ch said...

That is so cute. He does look like a teddy graham.

My name is Chalk It Up! It's a long story. I'll try to sum it up quickly.
I lost my blog of two years and over 300 posts. It was hacked so blogger yanked it. Puff gone!
I could have let it stop me but instead I decided to Chalk it up and move on. I created a new blog and decided to somewhat reinvent myself and get in the business of making custom chalkboards and start using chalk pastels for my paintings and drawings.

I'm glad it happened because I'm having so much fun now and loving my chalkboards and pastels:)


Alyssa S. said...

I love it...though I think he kinda looked like a Gummy Bear too! My Etsy store name is so geeky...I went through a bagillion really bad names and then in frustration said to myself...I want something simple, I like things that sparkle...BOOM, there you have it. Sadly my store shares the name with a popular cleaning product. SIGH.

My blog nickname...that is a pretty funny story. I'll come one ever calls my Aly...well not since I was 15 and even then it was only one of my friends (imagine Mark from Ugly Betty saying "OMG ALY!" and that was my friend Johnny)...anyhoo...Alygatr is my old bowling score card name. When we were stationed in Minot, ND and had absolutely nothing to do but stare at snow and prairie dogs, we would go bowling (pretty much the only entertainment on base) and my hubby dubbed me "Alygatr". I always thought that was funny...sooo....there you go!

BeachChicken said...

My shop name is Beach Chicken which is what I call Sea Gulls. I grew up at the ocean and there was always tons of Sea Gulls everywhere. My Brother used to tease me that a chicken restaurant I like served sea gulls because they were always in the parking lot, so I came up with the name Beach Chicken.


Anonymous said...

My shop name is The Speckled Pear for a very uninteresting reason. I had been mulling over several names during the fall of 2008 when my Husband and I drove up this street lined with trees of every color but mainly greens and yellows. The street reminded me of a pear with speckles, which started me thinking about how fresh and simple yet elegant a pear really is. This is exactly how I wanted my shop to feel and this is the reason I decided on "The Speckled Pear" :)

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

I come from a family that loves gardening! As you saw on my blog, the pics of my parents garden. Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa our entire street was lined with Jacaranda trees. When they were in bloom, it was just a mass of gorgeous mauve lobed flowers everywhere. Although I've been in Canada 20 years I still miss SA in a lot of ways. So the naming of my store was in part my love of plants and trees and part a lovely memory.
Hence Jacaranda Designs.