Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's Buggin' You? (Bzzz Off! Give Away)

Give away time!! 4th of July's right around the corner and it's the one night of the year when just about everybody in the country is outside getting eaten alive by the bugs. So, just in time to spare you the agony, I'm giving away a 2 oz. bottle of my Bzzz Off! natural insect repellent. I've blogged about it before, and you can read all about it in the TeddyStartedIt Etsy shop so I'm not going to go over it all again here. (Can ya tell I'm feeling a little pressed for time tonight? I'm feeling a little pressured to keep my clean track record of a Sunday night blog post going, but I've got two sofa's full of laundry to fold/put away, a sink full of dishes to do and ...well, the list goes on and on and all I want to do is put my head on the pillow.)

Anyway, here's the catch. There's always a catch, right? You gotta tell me what's been buggin' you lately. There's always something, right? Here, I'll give you a little fuel for the fire.

What's Bugging Me (Today):
  • All the nasty porn followers I'm getting on Twitter these days! *ick! (Really! Does "NastyNiecy365" really think "TeddyStartedIt" is at all interested her tweets?!?!?)
  • The way it takes me an hour to do things that used to take 15 minutes!
  • The bug in my Microsoft wireless mouse that makes it so I have to click a link 5 times before it executes!
  • People who don't scoop the poop outta their backyards (which is why my backyard is full of $h!t eating flies)!
  • Big-haired ladies on cell phones who park their Suburbans in spaces designated "Compact Car" and then get upset when their doors get dinged!
  • Big-haired ladies on cellphones who park their Suburbans in handicap spaces because they're "just running in to get a quick cup of coffee."
  • Yeah, OK, you got me -- Big-haired ladies on cell phones driving Suburbans.
OK, enough from me. It's your turn! Tell me what's bugging you. I'm going to use one of those randomizer thingies to chose a winner Wednesday night. I'll post results here sometime on Thursday. That way I can get this stuff out well before the holiday. I'm also thinking I'll run a special "blog promotion" so that those of you who respond but don't win can get a nice discount on this lovely stuff.

So, tell me, what's buggin' you?


Amanda said...

it's buggin' me that my husband has trouble keeping weight on and i gain 6 inches around my waist from eating a single chocolate chip...but you know..whatever :P

Carapace said...

It's bugging me that I canNOT get ahead of the dishes! I wash them after every meal...and first thing in the morning..and before bed...and STILL they rule the sink! I swear they're breeding! Help me! Help meeeeeeee!

This is a great contest, by the by. I can't wait to see everyone's venting.


Anastasia said...

haha this is funny - what bugs me
*people walking and talking on phones not watching where they are going?
*rude and abrupt people....chill out dudes!
*im going to have to say acrylic nails especially when they are super long and super dark - not elegant just scary haha!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I LOVE this contest!!!

* Rude Aflac sales reps that find assanine ways to get around my receptionist to talk to me. (seriusly the rudest/pushiest people, I'd take a car salesman anyday!)
* My husband and I have been dieting for three weeks. He's lost 17 lbs, I've lost 6. Whatever!

Alyssa S. said...

Hmm...let's see..

-the RER-RER-RER sound outside of the mortar mixer a few doors down...they're bricking a new house...

-rude soccer moms in Hummers who practically run you down in the parking lot at the grocery store

-the nasty slugs who've been dining on my flowers in the front garden

-the fact that I have to wait 2 more months to see any new episodes of my favorite shows

LillyShayStyle said...

In-laws ruining my plans bugs me..
People in WY don't know how to park their cars straight.
It takes me soooo much longer to get out of the house with my kiddos now days.
Laundry never ends.
It won't stop raining outside.
When can I buy the last season of Scrubs?
I don't want to wait till Nov. to see the Twilight Saga.
My little one has learned to talk back to me..
My hubby doesn't understand why blogging is so important to me.

Thanks for letting me unload a little!
I love your giveaway!

Mikiep said...

I love that name Buzz Off, hey does that work on salesmen ?

Unknown said...

I'm bugged that some websites sell 'new' batteries for a low price but after you receive them and follow the 'charge 12 hours before use' rule you find that all you've been charging is a battery more exhausted than the one you were trying to replace.

First Light Glass said...

I'm buzzed off by 102 degree weather for three days in a row!

Digital Misfit said...

Home renovations that NEVER seem to be finished, which eat into my precious craft time.
Internet service providers who do not answer their phones when there is an outage, so you have no idea IF it is an outage, or if it is just your own connection.
How the air conditioner cools the entire house EXCEPT for this room, my office.

Ok, I will stop at 3 lest anybody think that I am a bitter gal ;)

Snugnluv said...

What bugs me:

People on their GD cell phones, twittering,tweeting, texting, to a real person already

Trying to get in touch with a real person at the bank...........great, you can make a robot woman voice...I need to get my money

The fact that my dog chewed through the screen door, leaving a blank space, a portal for smelly, gross, flies

I'm actually a really happy person...but that felt great! haha

Kristy's Custom Creations said...

Telemarketers! Yep, I said it, it really bugs me when you get an automated call that tells you to hold the line for an important message. If it was that important I wouldn't have to wait to hear it!

Michaela and Susie said...

My sister...Never leaves me alone!

Michele said...

Male "enhancement" tv ads...if I hear another one I think I'm going to scream!

That ABC cancelled Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone.

Thumping music from passing cars so loud that it vibrates the seat in your car and turns it into a massage chair.

My Mom's cat who meows and meows to sit on your lap when you're working on the computer, only for him to turn around and leave once you put the computer down. What's that about?! (:

People with no common sense...bless their hearts (:

eclairre said...

I hate it when people talk to me on the bus! Especially when I act so uninterested, and they just keep talking! It's not like I ride buses to have conversations with the world about every aspect of my life LOL

I sound very bitter in this... dont I? LOL I promise I'm not really!