Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Lovely Blog


OK...I'm kinda speechless. This is a rare moment in history, people. I'm pretty much NEVER speechless. As a matter of fact, a "friend" of mine once said "Denise would talk to the back door of a barn if she thought it would listen to her." Now, I know I like to talk, but is it just me or was that a kinda mean thing to say?


I've received the One Lovely Blog Award and I'm oh so flattered. Dalkullan Jewelry honored me and I'm just plain floored! And again, so...flattered. And obviously a little verklempt...which is maybe why I keep repeating myself...and why there are so many "..."s in this post.'s the deal. This is a pass-it-on kind of award. When you're honored, you need to spread the ♥ in return. You're supposed to choose 15 of your favorite blogs and pass the award on to them. The trouble is, I'm new to this. I don't follow all that many blogs yet, so here's my top 12. (Which means I've got three open positions -- so if I've missed your fantastic blog, clue me in!) Here's the list - in no particular order:

  1. PKMPhoto - because his picture of the day is just such a great way to start every day. Really amazing photography.
  2. KindOverMatter - because who couldn't use a little kindness every day?
  3. AestheticOutburst - because it's just so beautiful to look at.
  4. JakRandomArt - because her pictures make me just a little homesick -- in a good way.
  5. AlyGatr - becaues every post makes me laugh out loud.
  6. PeasAndBananas - because for a minute there, I thought my husband had started a blog and was writing about my life.
  7. ShrimpSaladCircus - because the 'marketing minute' really teaches me somthing.
  8. lilithevy - because her treasuries are so f'ing beautiful ('scuse my french), and because I get to brush up on my french every time she posts:D
  9. AngryChicken - becaues she gave me something to do with the whole wheat flour in my pantry (now that it's not bread-making season in TX anymore.)
  10. CakeWrecks - because I haven't been featured here...yet;p
  11. FortyTwoRoads - because I love her art AND she posted a picture that was integral in the successful design of my daughter's halloween costume.
  12. Domesticali - because her sensibilities warm my heart.
I know some of these blogs don't "need" promoting, but I love 'em so I wanted to spread a little ♥ their way too. Even the popular kids need a hug every now and then. Right? And special ♥ to Dalkullan. Be sure to read her profile when you check out her Etsy shop. It's such a nice story and philosophy -- a real tribute to family past and future.

Now, to #s 1 - 12, don't forget to share the ♥. You've gotta give it to receive it, right?


Paul Michael Kane said...

Honored and humbled by being on your list . . . to know that someone starts their day with my images renews my passion for making them!! I'll pass on the love very soon! Thanks so much!!

Alyssa S. said...'re sweet! Glad I make you laugh :)

Ali said...

Oh, thank you so much! You warmed my heart right back.

Amanda said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much!!! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the award! You're too sweet, and I'm glad somebody finds my marketing articles useful!!!

I have a couple suggestions to add your blogroll:

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