Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Special Prize

Meet "Ladybug". My problem child. Now you're probably thinking something like this: "OMG! She's so cute!", or "OMG! Look at that hair!!", or "OMG! She looks just like a doll!", or "OMG! She's so sweet!". And if you're NOT thinking something along those lines, well...I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee. Since the day this girly was born, nobody's had anything to say to me that didn't have something to do with my pirate-smiled little cutie.

Don't get me wrong. I love her to pieces. And, like the devoted mother I am, I think she's the cutest little girl that's ever graced the face of the planet. I just wish she was a little more...well...flexable. I don't mind her temper -- I've got one of those myself. I don't mind her independence -- I know that'll serve her well down the road. I LOVE that she's not a follower -- except when it comes to the way she doesn't follow my instruction. That drives me crazy!

Our biggest problem these days is food. She does alright at breakfast. She'll eat some fruit and whole grain toast. But after that...well, forget it! If it's not fried, processed or dairy it's not going in her pouty little mouth. Plain and simple! As for dinner, she wont eat anything but tater tots. This drives me insane, because I do NOT do fried. But I now have more bags of processed potato products in my freezer than I've consumed in my lifetime. Another thing I don't do is candy. But Lawd! You should see the super-sized bag of M&Ms I bought at Costco today!

I can justify the M&Ms. You see, I've decided to resort to bribery. Ladybug loves her M&Ms. She also loves Hello Kitty. I picked up these cute little hair pretties from Flirtbuttons last week. (Check her out! She can put anything on a button! Cute stuff!) I figured I could use them as some kind of "special prize" for good behavior. Feeling fully armed, I decided to put my brave new plan into action at dinner tonight.

The plan is simple -- starve the child then promise her M&Ms for taking a bite, just one bite, of something new. Tonight, I told her she could have 3 M&Ms if she ate three pieces of spaghetti. It a bit of convincing, but she did it. And, she actually said she liked it! I was shocked, and maybe just a little drunk with success. So, I decided to push it. I told her if she'd eat just ONE bite of meatball, I 'd give her a 'special prize'. Ladybug's no dumby. She wanted to know what kind of special prize. I told her I had a Hello Kitty special prize for her. Well that worked to!! Knock me over with a feather! She ate the whole thing! I gave her her prize and we were both so pleased with ourselves. I'm already scouring Etsy for more little trinkets I can use as bribes. (And yes, I'm open to suggestions.)

I know I'm starting down a slippery slope, but I'd rather have a manipulative, bargaining-negotiating kid than one with horrible eating habits. No doubt I'll eat those words later -- probably with a side of tater tots -- but for now, I'm revelling in this evening's victory. Three pieces of spaghetti & a meatball. Mama got a special prize tonight too.


Samantha said...

Man, I'm right there with her on the fatty and fried foods, I know I should be better, but they're just so good!

And she is adorable, my mom has hair that color, she has the temper too. I always say red is nature's warning signal. Beware. :)

Flirt Buttons said...

I love the fact that my shop name is in the middle of these tags: bribes, eating, etsy, hello kitty, ladybug, and special prizes. I feel so at home!!! Thanks for the great story! -Sharon

HenHouseHandmades said...

LOL, I know just how you feel. I have a firey red head myself.... a BOY! so now when I see red headed kids with adorable little grins, I know what's behind them... mischief and mayhem and a "what can i get away with next?!"

Alyssa S. said...

Sigh...we've been having eating issues with Amelia...but it's because she is too busy to ever stop what she's doing long enough to eat. When she does eat, she eats really good foods...well mostly...anyway. She's not really into anything fried. I get so worried that she eats like a gnat, but the pedi insists if she's hungry enough, she will eat. Bribery hasn't worked at all!

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

First of all...WHAT A DOLL! I love her hair! Too cute. I'm sorry she is having problems eating, my little one goes through phases like that and she is a little too young to bribe right now. Good luck! Hope you can beat these phase with her before you want to beat her out of it :)

Kim Caro said...

she is though!

SwngDncr said...

I'm not a mom..but I wouldn't want to rely solely on bribery or she'll start holding out for bigger stuff to get what she wants!...I'd say a combine it with sometimes just waiting her out if you can (either she eats what you want her to or she just doesn't eat...you would hope she'd get hungry enough pretty quick). Good luck with that one!