Thursday, June 25, 2009

Number 4

In horse racing it's win, place, show. In beauty pageants, it's 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and The Title of Miss So-n-So. Seems like 4th place never gets a prize. Well guess what! Today's the day for #4. Really. told me so.

UrbanDesign made the 4th comment on my What's Buggin' You? post. So, what was buggin' her? Insurance sales people, and the fact that the DH is doing a little better on the diet than she is. And I'll tell you what...both of those things would seriously bug me too. What doesn't bug me is her photography. Check out her Etsy Shop. She's got some amazing stuff -- no bugs, but lots and lots of beautiful botanicals and landscapes. Really beautiful work.

I had so much fun with this post. I think I'm going to make it an annual thing. Actually when I read through the list of complaints, there was only one on there I couldn't relate to at all...but that's only because I don't have a sister. I asked The Boy and he confirmed it with rolling eyes and clenched fists, "Oh yeah, Mommy, it's really annoyting (his word) when a sister wont leave you alone." And to those of you who were concerned with sounding "bitter".... Hey, embrace the bitter. Bitter is good. OK, bitter is bitter, but we all need to vent every now and then, right? Right!

Two things you don't have to feel bitter about today: bugs that bite - because you can take care of that problem with my lovely little product, and not winning my give away -- because I've got a special deal for ya. I'm offering the 2oz. bottle of Bzzz Off! insect repellent for $4 to anyone who left a comment on the What's Buggin' You? post.

And because I had so much fun with this, I'm extending the offer to anyone who leaves a comment on this post, but there's a catch. To qualify for the offer you have to follow the links to one or more of the Etsy shops I used to illustrate this blog entry, visit the shop or blog of someone who left a comment in the What's Buggin' You? post, or visit my shop (WTH! Promotion's what it's all about, right?). Then come back here and leave a comment about your favorite item or post. Hey, we spent the 1st half of the week complaining, right? Let's finish the week spreading some love (and repairing our Karma). I've made it easy for you. Here's a link list:

Blog Illustrations:
Reiter8's Shop or Reiter8's Blog (that bold n beautiful 4 pillow)
UrbanDesign's Shop or UrbanDesign's Blog (the daisy photo I'm trying to find a home for - in my home)
JewelsofLuxury (the $4 ring - check out the clockwork stuff - too cool!)
WebbySue (the cute little $4 charm)

Comment Contributors:
AnastasiaC's Shop (aka: PercivalRoad) or AnastaciaC's Blog
Eclairre's Shop or Eclairre's Blog

OK, so there you have it. Click, come back, comment, get 33.33333% off the best smelling and nicest feeling bug repellent around. (Just leave "I commented on your blog" in the buyer's note and I'll send you a refund.)

Thanks for bitchin...I mean playing with me:D


Carapace said...

Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for the blog pimpin'.:D

LillyShayStyle said...

Great links! I visited the alygatr blog, she has a wonderful interview today. I'll have to visit some more later :)
Thanks for including me, you're so sweet!

Alyssa S. said...

Thanks for the shout out! For the record, Buzz Off is an awesome product. I use it and love it for the kids...and me.

Snugnluv said...

Thanks so much for doing this and including us. I gotta say, I love all of the shops but Mikie P's shop was totally cool. SUPERHERO! I also LOVE LOVE the Urban Design photography. Stellar!!! I had fun going through them all. This is what blogging is all about for me!

Snugnluv said... Digital Misfit has one kickin' blog. I really like it. Great work.

Anastasia said...

thanks for the shout out!! some great links to check out here...