Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picking a Winner - The Hear Sick Pendant Give Away

Is it "give away" or "giveaway"...? I always struggle with that one. But then, I struggle with a lot of things -- like getting things done in a timely fashion. And how to keep the kiddos entertained while I’m getting things done in an UNtimely fashion. Well today I decided to enlist their efforts in picking a winner for my Heart Sick Pendant giveaway…er…give away…whatever.
Buddy Boy carefully numbered all the entries.

Then he and Ladybug wadded all the entries up into tiny balls.

We placed them in our “pudding bowl” (that’s right, we don’t use this bowl for anything but making pudding. I don’t know why.)

Then we pulled out a winner! OK, you’re probably thinking, “What, one kid gets to pull the winner and the other kids gets what – the first loser? That sucks.” And you’re right. That would totally suck. So, because I can’t stand sibling rivalry and go to great lengths to avoid it at any cost, we have TWO winners!
Congratulations, JerzyCat99 and SarahL!

I've still got a couple of these in the shop, so if you didn't win and still want one, you know where to go.


Erica said...

oh how cute!

I am completely wrong in always wanting to use "givaway". :(

Alyssa S. said...

I love your method way better than the way :) Can I say...your babes are the most adorable little gingers I've ever seen! You guys need to be official Weasleys...hee hee.

Congrats to your winners. Next time I think I may need to bribe a couple of little ginger kids so I can win :P

Teddy Started It said...
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Teddy Started It said...

Oh Alyssa, there were actually two #3s (Buddy Boy got a little mixed up in his numbering, which is why I wrote the names on everyhing.) So close!! But if you'd won, everybody would have thought the deal was rigged;D said...

What a fun way to choose a winner, I love it! And I love that you have a pudding bowl. =)

RaspberryKidz said...

Adorably kids! I got your link on Poppy's Place blog. I'm now a follower!