Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Sick

"I Got A Code Id My Dose"

Ugh! I felt if coming on a couple of days ago, and really, I’ve tried to do the right thing. I’ve been taking it easy, trying to get to bed at a decent hour, eating right, etc. Too little, too late, I guess. Oh well.

I’ve been awake since 2:30 this morning. I tried watching a little TV, but that’s always a mistake for me. TV does nothing but wake me up. By 3:45 I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to get up.

It’s now 5:00. What I should be doing is researching some great homeopathic way to make myself better. Instead, I’m blogging and trolling Etsy.

Basically, I feel like I’ve got a bunch of these guys stuffed in my head.

Pet Pathogens by SublimeDzign

And an army of these guys in my throat.

Pet Pathogens by SublimeDzign

All I can say is thank goodness this little dude hasn’t taken up residence in my body.*
Surfing Giardia Germ by FrecklesUnleashed

But if he had, I could always call this bad ass to take care of him.**

Mac the Biker Bacillus Germ by FrecklesUnleashed

All I know is that I’m definitely going to need one of these today.

Flackie Monster Tissue Holder by SwieDebie

Hmmm…I wonder if there’s rush delivery available on this item.

Quinceanera Surgical Mask by CheapChampagne
OK, I'm going back to bed!

*Gardia - think Montezuma's revenge
**Bacillus - the good kind of germ found in stuff like yogurt


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. Next time you feel a cold coming on, try olive leaf extract - i get it from the health food store in Australia. It works SO well. I swear by it now but you have to get in early!

Teddy Started It said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll get some to have on hand. It's just the beginning of the season here.

Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

I'm sorry you're sick and I hope you feel better soon. But the big the question are the kids, are they sick yet? I had one home last week and one home this week.

Sandy said...

Don't you wish those ugly germs were as cute as the stuffed ones? Anyone made a Swine flu one yet? Hope you are feeling better.

Alyssa S. said...

OMG, I love Mac the Biker germ. He can hang with me anytime :) I sure hope you're feeling better soon. The summer was unkind to me as far as being sick goes, but the Fall has been kinder to me...for now anyway.

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Feel Better soon! :) T.