Friday, May 29, 2009


Isn't it funny how when you really need to be doing something there's always something else that seems more interesting or more important? And it's so easy to justify that 'more interesting' thing. Like right now, for example, I really need to be making a lemon pie. We're going over to friends' for dinner in an hour or so and I ALWAYS bring dessert. People count on me for this -- and they love me for it (or so I'm told.) I really REALLY NEED to be making a lemon pie right now. But all I can think about is The Blog.

'...but I really need to get a new post up on The Blog.'

That's what I really needed to do on Tuesday. But on Tuesday, laundry seemed more compelling. LAUNDRY!! Laundry and compelling don't belong in the same paragraph together, let alone the same sentence!

So validate me...please! Tell me, what suddenly becomes important to you when you have something you really need to be doing? And, is it really procrastination if you're being productive on a different task? Because quite seriously, I'm not sure I'd ever get anything done if I didn't have something else more important to do.

OK, I guess I'd better go make that pie.

( Yes, I got the pie made -- but only because really needed to take out the trash. Heh! )


LillyShayStyle said...

Thank Goodness for that trash! haha
I always NEED to be in the Etsy forums or messing with my blog. I'm sure I'm procrastinating because I hate housework and Laundry... And you're right laundry and compelling should be nowhere near each other.

Alyssa S. said...

HA! That sounds just like me and my homework....and cleaning the bathrooms. I will find any reason not to do either. Generally that means trolling Etsy for fabric I don't need to buy or catching up on reading all of the blogs I follow. Guess what I should be doing right now? I'll give you two guesses...and it's due on Wednesday. D'OH!

LillyShayStyle said...

If you get that dandelion recipe posted up, I'll link to you from my blog post. Tomorrow I have another Dandelion post coming up!