Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oops! My Give Away!!

OMG! I can't believe I completely forgot about my 1st give away. Well...actually, I can. If I can forget to put the pre-packed lunches in the car when loading up for school in the morning, why is it so implausible that I can forget about my blog give away? Seriously, I've been forgetting lunches for two years now -- I've only been at this blog thing for a month. I've got a LOT more forgetting to do!

Oh yeah...the give away, back to the give away. I received two childhood fear comments - both of which I could totally relate to. Well, I decided to declare TWO winners to my give away. I can do that, you know. I'm just that empowered here in the land of TeddyStartedIt. So meet the 'winners':

AlyGatr - She's got a fantastic blog that always puts a smile on my face -- regardless of what craziness is going on around here, so check it out: She makes pretty pretties that are available in her Etsy shop. I've got my eye on these:

and then there's:

Gravitando - I met her first on Twitter as Nataliaraya (which is also her Etsy shop name). Her jewelry is amazing, as is the photography of her work. Check out her shop at I've always worn gold, but after seeing her stuff, I've decided it's time to make the switch. It's really just that beautiful.

Now I know my little give away is not like winning the lottery, or a really powerful vacuum or anything, but for me it kind of is. To have someone be interested enough in what I'm doing here to make a comment is pretty amazing to me. So ladies, thanks for making my days.

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Alyssa S. said...

YAAAAY ...[insert happy dance]! OK, so I'd love to win the Mega Millions too, but I am psyched that I won your giveaway. Since I have two little boogers at home too, I can relate to the "Mommy-nesia" :)