Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sleeping Easy...?!

The Boogeyman. Who hasn't heard of him? He's a problem. Just check out the wikipedia entry. Apparently, he's a problem everywhere.

We don't have a problem with boogeymen, monsters and the likes in our family. Everyone in this clan knows Mommy's the only thing to be truly scared of around here. And Mommy on no sleep -- well, let's not go there! Only an idiot monster would think about causing bedtime troubles in our house -- and who's afraid of an idiot monster?

So, monsters aren't our problem, but winding down at bedtime certainly is. Ugh! I hate it! What a horrible way to end the day. Let's face it. It doesn't matter how much fun you had during the day, if the last 45 minutes is an all out war...well, the day gets recorded as a loss. That was happening every day for us. It was breaking my heart. Then it occurred to me! I just needed to do what I'm always doing. I just needed to start mixing things up!

Out came my box of little brown bottles. A drop of neroli, a drop of lavender, a few other safe base ingredients, a spray bottle and VOILA! My own special sleepy time room spray! The kids love it. But they don't get to spray it themselves if they're giving me grief about bedtime. That's my deal.

I told a few friends about our little bottle of bedtime bliss. That's when the stories started coming out of the woodwork...and out of the closets...and out from under the beds. I'd never realized just how many kiddos had fears and anxieties that kept them up at night -- not to mention how many sleep-deprived parents were at their wit's ends about it. So, with my 4YO's help, we got a few more bottles, gave our spray a name, designed a label and handed them out to our friends. Our circle of friends is sleeping a little easier these days.

So check it out. Aack Attack! is available in the Etsy Shop. You can read all the technical information about it there. Share your monster stories with me here and I'll enter you in a drawing for a free 4 oz. bottle. I'll pull one entry out of the hat next Sunday night and announce the winner here on the blog Monday.

Sweet dreams, everybody:)

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Anonymous said...

Count me in!

Ohh when I was little my grandmother sooo tired and ready to sleep used to tell me there was an old owl that after certain hour if the kids were not asleep, came through the window and took them too the woods..

I was so little (5) and naive and the worst part is now I couldnt sleep thinking of the owl and the branches and shadows in the windows had owl shapes haha..