Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creature Feature

I'm all about monsters these days. With the launch of my new Aack Attack monster repellent, can you blame me? I introduced the stuff earlier this week on the blog. I even decided to run a little give-away -- a 4 oz. bottle of Aack Attack in exchange for a scary monster story. Can you believe it? Not ONE story! Hrumph...!

Well, I didn't have any stories to read, so I went Etsy browsing instead...for monsters, of course! Oooo, and I found plenty of them. I decided to put together a little feature of undiscovered/almost-undiscovered creatures. Problem is, I'm a total virgin when it comes to all this html stuff. I figured I'd throw together a cute picture table with some links and be on my merry way. HA! 3 hours later, my 'creature feature' isn't what I wanted it to be, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. Seriously. Kids are crying, cats are starving, the house is bursting at the seams with laundry and dishes...! You get the picture. Or at least, I hope you can see the pictures.

So, stop by the shops and say hi to these little fellows. And if they scare you...well, I know where you can get some great monster repellent;) BTW, my give-away is still going on. Leave a monster comment for me and I'll enter you in the drawing.


Tessa said...

What cute monsters! And I love the idea of monster repellent... :)

SwngDncr said...

Thanks for including one of mine! Too bad I don't know anyone in need of monster repellent right now. Its such a cute idea.

Alyssa S. said...

What a brilliant idea! I am one of those mommies in need to the Ack Attack. little Amelia LOVES watching Wow Wow Wubbzy...and one of the episodes is all about how Wubbzy basically trashes his friend Widget's workshop and blames it on a made up monster called the "Growly Gus"...and of course mischief ensues. Ever since, she likes to run through the house yelling "oh no...the Growly Gus is coming, the Growly Gus is coming"...and whenever she is hungry she says the "Growly Gus" is making noise in her tummy. Downside, of course, is at night, she insists the "Growly Gus" is waiting for her in the closet!

Teddy Started It said...

AlyGatr - LOL!!
I know how your girly feels. When I was little and 'something would happen', my mom would ask, "Denise, did you do this?" Of course my answer was an emphatic "NO!" Mom would always say it must've been the little mouse in the corner. Even though I knew that little fall guy was my friend...taking the blame for everything and all...I was always a little terrified of him.

Thanks for the story:)

Fudge Recipes said...

Loved reading this, thank you