Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well Isn't That Nice :: Karma's Gonna Gitcha, Jerri!

Picture this. The man - frazzled, sweaty and barking orders while operating the electronic check-in kiosk at the airport. Me - trying to maintain my cool while managing two tired yet over-excited kids, and an embarrassingly tall mountain of luggage. Jerri Greene - casually leaning on the ticket counter chatting with a colleague.

What? Who's Jerri Greene? Well she's the supervising ticket agent for American Airlines at DFW. She's the lady who easily ignores the growing crowd of restless travelers desperate for an agent to process their bags so they can get to their gate on time. She's the lady who snipes at The Man (an Executive Platinum traveler on American) when he asks her if she's going to call for bags any time soon.

Jerri (barely glancing up from her conversation): "We don't call for bags, you have to form a line."

The Man: "Since when? That's not how it was when I was here four days ago."

Jerri: "For two least."

The Man: "Well that's not how is was when I was here four days ago." The Man really likes to repeat himself.

Jerri (rolling eyes and speaking to colleague as she starts to walk away): "Thank goodness summer vacation will be over soon."  (Jerri obviously doesn't understand that her job security depends in part on familiesshelling out big bucks to go on summer vacations.)

Well Jerri, this one's for you. I sure hope someone you know googles your name and finds this for you. You deserve the recognition. Really. Oh, and about that stunt you pulled with my luggage. Yeah, I'm on to you sistah. I don't have proof, but I'm pretty sure you flagged my bag so it would get held up with TSA. Karma's gonna gitcha for that one. In the meantime, enjoy your flower.
Do you have someone you'd like to send a flower to?  Feel free to grab one and pass it on.  Just remember to leave a comment so I can enjoy your generosity.

Well isn't that nice!


Aunt Cindy said...

Wow, I don't even know where to begin my list of those deserving a special flower like this!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hey D, welcome home :)

The worse thing about traveling these days is the attitude of the airline employees :) Flying used to be so much fun, now you always need another vaca after you have dealt with them on the way home.

Have a drink girl and I do hope someone googles her and shares this with her, although I am thinking you could send it to AA as a gift :)

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

cathyjoy said...

and? doesn't the bitch know that we, the travelers, are the ones paying her big stinkin' salary???