Sunday, July 5, 2009

For My Dad...

I know. Father's Day was a couple of weeks ago. But I never got around to showing off the beautiful gift I had made for my Dad. Dad's are so tough to buy for, aren't they? My Dad doesn't really have much in the way of a hobby, he's not a huge sports fan, he doesn't play golf. So really, what's a daughter to get a guy like that?!

One thing my Dad likes to do is read. He's always got some huge book he's lugging around with him. On his last visit, I noticed he was using an old envelop as a bookmark. That got me thinking.... I just knew I could find a stunning bookmark on Etsy. At last, I'd finally found the perfect gift! Of course, I didn't find it until June 11 -- and I wanted it customized and shipped to me so I could ship it to him. Talk about under the gun! Well, Kim at LeatherwoodDesigns jumped right on it. She had this beauty stamped with his initials and out the door to me lickity-splickity quick. I got it packaged up with Borders gift cards from the kiddos and in the mail with a day to spare! Best part, he loved it! How do I know?

me: How'd you like your gift, Dad? (hopeful)

him: Ah, yes. Very nice. (deadpan)

me: Now you don't have to use old envelops anymore. (beginning to think I'd struck out again)

him: Ah, yes. (deadpan)

...:*pregnant pause*:...

him: You know, the thing about a nice bookmark is where do you put it when you're done with the book. (slightest hint of a chuckle)

me: In the next book, Dad. (sarcastic & elated)

This is pretty much how it goes with my Dad. If you get more than a two word response from him, you know you've hit the jackpot. That or else you know you're in a world of trouble. That's why when I saw his cellphone number come up on my caller ID Friday I got a little anxious. It was either going to be really good news...or really bad news. It wasn't good news. Don't know exactly how bad just yet -- there are tests to run, 2nd opinions to get, and way too much waiting for my liking. But in the meantime, it's got me thinking about Dads: how hard they work to provide for a family, how strict and seemingly unforgiving they can be, how unsung their heroics and stoicism really are, and how we really need more than just one day to honor them. So here's to my Dad...again, and to all the other Dads out there, and to the little girls they'll someday leave behind. May it be much later than sooner.

(Artwork: 'Autumn Walk' by MogenCreative)


Alyssa S. said...

What a very sweet post! My daddy went to heaven 10 years ago this October and I miss him terribly. Amelia keeps asking if she can "have a grandpa" and I have a hard time explaining to a 3 year old that he's gone. I only wish she could have known him.

Teddy Started It said...

That's the thing that breaks my heart. My kids are so little. If something happens now, the Ladybug wont remember him at all, but Jake will and he'll miss him.

Beth Howard said...

Woot woot! Yay for finding the right gift!!

Jenny said...

A touching story, made me think of my dad this morning who I don't get to see enough. My dad is very similiar in his demeanor to how you describe your dad. I hope everything works out ok.

Michele Mallory-Davidson said...

Great gift! I hope that everything turns out alright!
~Michele from By Your Side

tanya said...

I just read your post again. So lovely. To have a father around is a blessing, even if he doesn't talk much. I wish I had.
Thanks for reading my posts and commenting.
Take care

Anastasia said...

a great gift idea - its lovely! your dad is like mine - a man of few words but its great we just love them as they are!
i do hope everything goes well...take care!